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Coaching & Healing With Luannah

Are You Ready To Grow Your Capacity to Heal and Transform Your Life?

I offer  Personal Healing Retreats at my Healing Retreat Centre on the West Coast of BC, and Online Aloha Method Coaching Programs, Empowering Women to heal and rise above the effects of trauma and abuse.


The work I offer effectively awakens new insights and empowerment to regain self-sovereignty, joy of life and creative solutions to resolving conflict and challenges, to be able to create the life of your dreams.


My clients continuously experience transformations beyond what they could imagine in just a short period of time. My goal is to give everything I can to empower my clients so they have everything they need, I hold nothing back, so they can be fully independent and have no necessity to return to work with me, unless they just want to.


I believe in setting people free, not making them dependant on me. 

 Personal Healing Retreats on

Galiano Island in

Beautiful British Columbia

Luannah is extraordinary. She quickly cuts to the heart of any issue with a deep understanding and clear, actionable next steps toward healing. Luannah has worked with my family, and I have recommended her to friends with glowing feedback. Her expertise around trauma and the methods she employs to work through it keeps you moving forward in a safe, secure way - Luannah's care extends well beyond the sessions, as she is truly invested in helping people.

Michelle V.

I went to visit Luannah during a very troubling phase in my life. I came from the states taking a plane, a train, a ferry and finally a rental car to get there. I arrived late at night and Luannah couldn’t have made me feel more welcome and comfortable upon my arrival. Her property is absolutely stunning I can only describe it as a page out of a fairytale book. I worked with Luannah for days going through different self healing practices. I left Luannah a changed person and I will forever be grateful for the gifts she gave to me. It was truly a life changing experience and I can’t wait to go back to visit her again!

Devon Blogna

Luannah's healing methods are direct and powerful. Her healing energies are channeled through her kind heart and wise words. I know I am in good hands with her unique approach and feel respected and transformed when I leave each session.


Luannah is a miracle worker who was born to be a healer! My husband and I were super impressed with her heartfelt and inspired approach and the wide range of unique healing modalities she uses! I highly recommend Luana!


I have seen Luannah over a period of 15 years. Her ability to create and hold a healing space is a solid foundation for her practice. Luannah’s open heart and breathe of skill and knowledge make her support invaluable to my personal growth. She is a woman bravely transforming herself and supporting others to transform suffering into light. I’m forever thankful.

Luannah is a natural healer with an awakened heart. I am forever grateful for Luannah's kindness and wisdom. I highly recommend Luannah to anyone who needs help and even more so to anyone on the path of self exploration. Thank you Luannah!

Sarah F

Luannah’s healing power came into my life quite by accident, when I stayed at her beautiful retreat space. Meeting her became a turning point in my life. During our session many things had been revealed and I finally received the answer to a painful question I have been seeking, without any success, for many unhappy years. That was the first day on my journey up, to true emotional healing. Nothing is a coincidence in our lives. And I’m grateful for meeting and getting to know this amazing person, a natural healer, emanating so much wisdom and love from within.


My session with Luannah was amazing and left me feeling completely at peace, connected and centred after some incredibly deep work. I had initially booked a massage but as we started to work together the session went in a different direction and i was so grateful Luannah could draw on and weave together her multiple skills and healing modalities to support me in what I needed. It was truly a healing experience as she skillfully attuned to and guided me with breath, movement, sound healing, and finally also massage. I wholeheartedly recommend Luannah - she's a gem!


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