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Book Reviews

Luannah Victoria Arana has penned a Heroine’s Journey of adventures, trauma and profound healing. May all find this book deeply inspiring in their personal journey to wholeness.” -Mare Cromwell, Author The Great Mother Bible & Messages From Mother Earth


"Resilience Grace and the Art of Showing Up is a courageous memoir and a source of hope that a wonderous life is possible on the other side of trauma and pain. It is a beautiful tale of overcoming trauma and stepping into an empowered version of yourself.”-Maryse Cardin, Author Speaking to Yourself with Love:Transform Your Self Talk

Luannah is an inspiring person, as is her story of the many layers of learning, healing and transformation she has experienced that she shares here. Resilience, Grace and the Art of Showing Upis a powerful message of encouragement to those who are on a path of personal growth.” -Mahmud Nestman, Counsellor M.Ed, RCC,HT


Resilience Grace and the Art of Showing Up is an expression of faith, fortitude and forgiveness. Luannah shares her experiences and adventures in life overcoming trauma. An honest and at times heart wrenching depiction of her tenacity and courage to reach the life lessons to become her true self. A truly gifted human has evolved who now enriches and empowers others through her energy and resurgence.” -Andrea Davis, Author Survival Was Only The Beginning

 A Compelling Manuscript, full of emotional and physical abuse that has been overcome by a young woman’s fortitude and willingness to learn from her experience. The author’s adventures were amazing and powerful; readers will deeply admire her spirited attempts to come to an understanding about what—and why –things were happening to her. And they will root for her to overcome (which she did).”- Bill Worth, Editor

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